Our Products


Because we’re independent we are not tied to any supplier agreements, allowing us to shop around for suppliers based on spec, origins and sustainability first.

And when it comes to selecting our timbers, quality comes first. We insist on the best and never compromise, and we’d put ourselves as the best in the industry – maybe the world – for our key product lines.

Customers can buy from us knowing that we go above and beyond to source a better product.



And our treatment of timbers is a level above the average timber supplier as well. Take flooring for example, whereas most would simply dry it out, we acclimatise our flooring timbers to NZ conditions – even if that means them taking on some moisture. This means the timber has already adapted and once laid won’t expand or buckle. We are so confident about the quality of our flooring, you’re welcome to visit our Directors’ own homes to see it in place!

We also take pride in having the best machines and machinists putting out an incredible range.

One of the outstanding aspects of South Pacific Timbers – and something we are known for – is having a large range of materials on site that you would normally have have custom machined, or wait weeks for.

If you’re a builder you’ll be impressed to see that this is where your suppliers get their supplies. You’ll save by buying direct, and you’ll be able to get items in smaller quantities if you need to. You’ll also enjoy the personal service and consultative approach we take with all our customers.



At the yard you’ll find everything from a rough sawn fence post to a laminated oak kitchen counter.

And we take a consultative approach to helping you select the right products. We’ll give you options that you might not have considered, or advise you about sensible cost savings – where you can compromise on price, and where you definitely shouldn’t! We’ll work with you to realise your vision.

To a man and woman we are all passionate and knowledgeable about our products. We invite you to come in for a coffee and chat about all things timber!