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We supply good wood.

South Pacific Timber is New Zealandʼs largest stockist of mouldings, T&G flooring, weatherboards and building products. We are well known in the industry for our vast range of ex-stock profiles and our ability to custom machine for those special jobs. Explore our website and learn more about our products and who we are. We look forward to seeing you at the yard!

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Stunning timber flooring...

A timber floor instantly elevates the feel of any room, giving you a hard wearing yet luxurious finish. Timber flooring outlasts carpet and can be resanded to completely refresh the surface. Our range of timber flooring is the largest in New Zealand - we have something for everyone.

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Mouldings for every occasion.

South Pacific Timber is proud to be the stockist of the largest ranger of timber mouldings in New Zealand. From pine colonial and standard mouldings, to Rimu and hardwood trims and eaves mouldings, South Pacific Timber has it all. And if we donʼt have it, we can make it!

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Clad your home right.

The cladding on your home is the first and most important barrier between your house and the elements, so itʼs important to get it right! South Pacific Timber has been a market leader in weatherboard production for over 20 years. Our experience ensures all of the weatherboards in our extensive range of profiles are machined to the highest standard possible and are designed to give you the best level of performance possible.

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Get decked out.

South Pacific Timber produces and supplies a huge range of decking options. From narrow to wide, extra thick to standard, and in multiple species, with South Pacific Timber you have the flexibility to achieve perfection. As South Pacific Timber manufactures our hardwood decking, we can supply matching framing and posts to construct your pergola, stairs or seating in the same timber, lifting the standard of your project to designer status.

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With SPT your fence can be a feature.

A fence serves a purpose, but here at South Pacific Timber we see no reason why it has to be unattractive. So we developed our Vitex Fencing range of timber profiles to go with our TGV Fencing options for those times when you know your home deserves better. The timber component of the total cost of a fence is often the smallest part - your labour, concrete and nails remain constant - a designer fence is much more affordable that you would think!

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Online Resources.

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In our Resources section you will find downloadable PDF documents showing how-toʼs and installation instructions.

The catalogs print actual size to assist you with selecting the right product for the job. If you are unsure about any aspect of a product, please dont hesitate to call our sales team on (09) 379 5150.

Flooring Calculator.

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Take a load off and let our flooring calculator work out the area of your rooms and the volume of wood you require.

With functionality for multiple rooms, and an ability to compare different widths, it's simple to calculate the amount of overlay or structural timber flooring you will require.
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South Pacific Timber offers downloadable PDF catalogues of our moulding, weatherboard and flooring profiles.

The catalogs print actual size to assist you with selecting the right product for the job. If you are unsure about any aspect of a product, please dont hesitate to call our sales team on (09) 379 5150.

Featured Products.

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Valued for its earthy tones and extremely hard wearing nature, Vitex is one of our most popular flooring timbers. If you have a Vitex deck, you can achieve continuity in your design by carrying the Vitex through into the house as timber flooring.

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American White Oak

A classic hard wearing timber floor which can be blonded for the modern Oak look, stained dark for the classic look, or coated in a straight polyeruthane for a neutral mid-tone. Very popular in Rustic grade.

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Akwa - stained

Akwa is our single most popular flooring timber. Akwa represents outstanding value for money and offers a natural colour that suits a broad range of interior designs. It can also be stained to achieve a darker look, or blonded to achieve a lighter feel to your room.

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Vitex Decking

Available in all shapes and sizes.

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Modern design using solid Rosewood construction. Rosewood is an extremely stable timber, lending itself perfectly to this application. Gate is motorised.

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Vitex Fencing

For a stunning fence, look no further than Vitex.

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French Oak

One of our most popular contemporary flooring timbers.

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