Cedar Shingles: A Proven Roof and Wall Solution

Discover the enduring charm of cedar shingles at South Pacific Timber, where roofing and cladding transform into an art form. Our commitment to quality and consistency is reflected in each meticulously crafted shingle, providing a resilient and visually appealing solution for your Kiwi home.

Renowned Western Red Cedar Shingles
Our Western Red Cedar Shingles embody natural durability and design, weathering gracefully over time. The No. 1 Blue Label shingles, all heartwood and kiln-dried, are perfect for both wall and roof applications. We stock the highest grade of CCA (H3.2) Shingle, produced in British Columbia, Canada.

Versatile Integration
Cedar shingles seamlessly integrate into various architectural styles, offering a distinctive touch for traditional or contemporary designs that complement your residence.

Visual Harmony and Sustainability
Beyond aesthetics, our cedar shingles create visual harmony with New Zealand’s landscapes, connecting your home to the breathtaking scenery. South Pacific Timbers Cedar Shingles can be used in the roofs or as exterior wall cladding, to ensure you stand out, with it’s unique look. 
We are committed to sustainability with cedar shingles sourced from responsibly managed forests in British Columbia, Canada, aligning with eco-friendly building practices.

Embark on your roofing and cladding project with confidence, guided by the experienced team at South Pacific Timber. Our expertise ensures your cedar shingles align with your vision, creating a seamless and successful solution for your home. 

Our Suppliers are members of the Cedar Shingle & Shake Buearu. Please visit here to learn more.