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High quality timbers for any project

We stock a wide range of Framing timbers, supplied by some of New Zealand's leading manufacturers such as McAlpines and Northpine. Our Framing Timbers are extensively graded and meet all New Zealand Standards.

We stock Two types of Framing timbers – Wet Framing and Kiln Dried (KD) Framing.

Wet Framing is commonly used for fencing, decking joists and bearers and structural external supports. We stock MSG6/VSG6 and MSG8/VSG8 and in treatments up to H3.2 CCA for KD framing and H5 for wet framing. Higher treatments are available on request.

Kiln Dried Framing comes in two main treatments: H1.2, for internal partitioning and ceiling framing, and H3.2 CCA for perimeter framing walls, fencing, decking joists and bearers, structural external supports or any application where the timber will be exposed to moisture.

Kiln Dried Framing has a very low moisture content and will retain its straightness so long as the moisture levels are maintained below 18%. KD framing is easier to work with than wet framing, and often the superior finish the builder is able to achieve by using KD framing makes it worthwhile to go with the marginally higher cost that it carries over wet framing.

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Timbers to form the structure of any project

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