Timber Decking – 5 Reasons Why Timber Is the Best Material for Decking

Among all the beautiful, functional and best performing decks one must see in their lifetime, a timber deck is simply classic. Timber is stylish, strong and has a lovely natural vibe that can’t be replicated by other materials – and timber decks in New Zealand always look best when made with the best quality timber from South Pacific Timber, New Zealand’s leading supplier of quality decking timber.

When you’re building a new deck, you’ll have a few material options to choose from. Why is timber the best material for your deck project over an alternative? Here we will show you:

  • Why timber is simply the best material for your new deck.
  • What you should keep in mind when selecting materials for your decking project.
  • Where you can get gorgeous, durable and quality timber in Auckland, that’s made right here in Aotearoa.

Why Choose A Timber Deck?

So, why choose timber for your lovely new deck project? There are many reasons why, too many to list here! However we selected the top 5 for you:

1. Timber Is Strong, Durable And Resistant To Damage, in the Harsh and everchanging Auckland/New Zealand weather conditions. We all want our deck to look and feel strong and durable, as well as look as good as new for years to come. Timber provides just that, especially if you build with timber from South Pacific Timber. Our quality timber has performed well for deckages without any treatment. Well-maintained timber harvested from the right kind of trees is strong and robust. Your deck will stand strong, even in our rough weather. We have many happy customers who are still enjoying their NZ-made, sturdy and sleek timber deck from South Pacific Timber for many generations.

2. The Natural Beauty of Timber Can’t Be Beaten. Us kiwis are lucky to be living in the lap of nature and our space should reflect the same aura. The natural look, feel and vibe of timber cannot be replaced by artificial materials that may adversely affect the value of your property. Timber decks enhance the space and give us a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, in many cases lifting the property’s look and value at the same time.

3. It’s A Cost-Effective Option That Adds Value To Your Home. Along with all of the other benefits that timber can bring you, it’s also a great option that won’t break the bank. You can typically find Auckland decking timber at reasonable prices with South Pacific Timber, too.

Also, a wooden deck made of the best timber will last for a very long time with very little maintenance. You’re making an investment that’ll positively enhance your property for years.

Along with being cost-effective, timber decking is an excellent addition that can also raise your home’s value. So, when it’s time to move on and sell your beautiful house, you may be able to get the best return on your investment.

4. Timber Is Easy To Maintain. Don’t worry; you won’t need to spend too much time or effort maintaining your quality timber deck. Wood as a decking material is very easy to maintain. For the most part, it’s recommended to sweep away debris and clutter when you can and occasionally hose it down like you would with any other part of your property.

You should also routinely oil your deck to keep the timber protected. You can use products like the Dryden WoodOil we have in our store to treat your deck. This high-quality oil will sink deep into your gorgeous timber to add water-repellent properties and reduce warping, splitting and cupping. Your oiling schedule may vary depending on your circumstances, but people typically reapply their deck’s oil every six to twelve months.

5. Timber Is the Eco-Friendly Choice. Are you looking to make a smart, environmentally-friendly call? Then choose great quality Auckland decking timber! Timber is an eco-friendly option that is sustainable and a renewable resource.

Additionally, strong, well-maintained timber won’t need to be replaced often. There will be less waste overall.

What To Remember About Choosing Timber For Your Deck

You’ve wisely settled on timber for your new deck, but how do you know which type of timber to get? Keep these simple things in mind:

  • Price. It’s always a smart idea to stick to a budget. Find timber that fits into your price range, and be sure to find quality timber at reasonable prices.
  • Your Plan. Always plan ahead, regardless of what type of project you’re working on. Be sure you know the kind of timber, how much timber and what additional supplies you need.

How You Can Get The Best Timber In New Zealand For Your Projects

At South Pacific Timber we’ll sort you out with the perfect Auckland decking timber for your unique needs! We’ve got a wide range of products, and we’d love you to come and see our range and what we can do for you. We help Kiwis complete their projects with timber for new decking, joinery, cladding, fencing and more.

Need a hand? Give us a buzz on 0800 778 462 and we’ll be happy to help.

A timber deck can add so much value to your home – make sure yours is top-notch with South Pacific Timber.